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Israelite Origins

Israelite Origins: Asher & Judah

12 minute read

‘A wizard is never late… nor is he early; he arrives precisely when he means to.’ Unlike some of the tribes of Israel…

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Conquest of Canaan

Joshua 10 and 11: The Problem

14 minute read

In this first post in a series on Joshua 10 & 11 we take a look at the many difficulties presented by a careful reading of the chapters.

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The smallest of all the seeds

9 minute read

Jesus’ parable on the Mustard Seed, and how fundamentalist atheists and Christians make the same mistake when it comes to the Bible and Science.

Biblical genres – an analogy

4 minute read

What a craze in the mid-nineties tells us about the need to know a passage’s cultural context in order to correctly interpret it.

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Beyond Apologetics

The Tel Dan Stele: Beyond Apologetics

52 minute read

The Tel Dan Stele’s discovery, the debate it caused, and how it shows that scripture sometimes doesn’t work the way we think it does.

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Quirks in Chronicles

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Biblical Inspiration

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